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In recent weeks, there have been several events in the US that have stirred civil unrest. As leaders at Blefa, we are appalled by the acts of discrimination, injustice and violence against humanity. Our thoughts are with the victim families, the communities in need and our employees and their families as we deal with the millions of emotions we are all feeling. For anyone in distress right now, you are not alone. We will stand next to you in solidarity. We will stand behind you in support. We will stand in front of you for protection.

We remind everyone that Blefa has no tolerance for discrimination or harassment against any one person or group, in any form. No company is immune from these challenges but we are committed to do everything in our power to support each employee and foster a culture that speaks up against discrimination and injustice, both inside Blefa and in our communities. A company that values & respects diversity, inclusion and the worth of each individual.